شركة الإستقرار لمقاولات البناء سياسة الجودة
Quality Policy

شركة الإستقرار لمقاولات البناء : هي الشركة الرائدة في مجال مقاولات البناء في مدينة الشارقة وتهدف شركة الإستقرار الى تلبية احتياجات العملاء وإرضاءهم بالمحافظة على أعلى مستويات الجودة وذلك بتبني المعايير المهنية واستخدام أحدث التقنيات . مع إلتزامنا بتقديم باقة منوعة من أفضل الإختيارات وتوسيع نطاق الخدمات محليا ودوليا وبأسعار منافسة وفقا لمتطلبات السوق.

ALISTEKRAR BUILDING CONTRACTING is a leader in field of construction contracting company in Sharjah.

Our Objective: is to fulfill Customer s demands and gain their satisfaction by maintaining the best services and by maintaining best practices in construction using high standard and best technology.

ALISTEKRAR BUILDING CONTRACTING is committed to offer value- added services of the highest quality by expanding its services locally and internationally with competitive prices as per the market requirements.

AL Istekrar Building Contracting LLC is committed to providing its Clients with a timely, quality service that conforms with the contractual requirements in all areas of construction, operation and maintenance to achieve the Client’s full satisfaction. We also intend to manage all works in a safe and healthy working environment for our workers, subcontractors and members surrounding the area of works as well as the environment.

Our aims to fulfill our Policy

  • Achieve service quality goals and meet client expectations.
  • Improve personnel skills with appropriate training programs
  • Protect our environment by effectively utilizing our resources in the aim of reducing our carbon footprint
  • Provide a safe working environment for our staff, subcontractors and the general public around our work area.
  • Comply with the targets set in our Quality Management System.
  • Verify all ongoing works and continually measure our achievement vis-à-vis our forecast and targets and determine areas for improvements.
  • Comply with the specific requirements of the relevant local authorities

The importance and significance for a Quality Procedure & Structure is to reduce defects, improve profits, lower risks, and establish a quality-driven organization.

Procedures have been established in the following areas within the organization, which have been carefully derived through many years of identification, analysis, inspection, prevention and standardization.

  • Project Quality Plan
  • Training
  • Inspection & Testing, receiving, in-process & final inspections
  • Control of measuring devices
  • Control of non-conforming products
  • Documents Control
  • Records Control
  • Materials ordering, purchasing & receiving
  • Materials storage, issuance & tractability
  • Subcontractor’s performance & quality of his provided services
  • Protection of works, in progress & after completion
  • Project Closure
  • Previous experience in maintaining a proper quality management system in our previously executed projects is recorded & discussed during training